Executive Communication Coaching
Leading Customers, Employees and Partners more effectively
Nenad Marovac — DN Capital VC:
»    Emanuel's coaching helped me with some important decisions. «
Executives are more important role models than they realize. Their communication affects employees, investors, customers, and partners, as they represent the primary intermediary between these parties

»    How do I best communicate and build rapport with diverse roles
        and personalities?
»    Do I broadcast true executive presence, or are people just nice to
        me because of my job title?
»    How do I solve challenges through effective communication?

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»     Tips for Leadership Challenges
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Christian Thum — CEO & Founder eShot AG :
»    If rapid growth or change is generating internal
       friction in your company... talk to Emanuel. «

Studies show that 85% of financial success is due to communications skills,
only 15% is due to technical skills

Read Personalities Faster

Being able to quickly and easily “read” the strengths and weaknesses of others provides a powerful advantage in nearly every business situation
Project Executive Presence

People, especially employees and clients, are like pack animals that can smell insecurity and indecision a mile away. Strengthening your charisma and ability to ‘command the room’ is an investment whose returns are priceless.
Resolve Conflicts Quickly

Challenges and conflict situations are expensive - for you, your employees and eventually your customers. These risks are best dealt with immediately through precise communication.
The DNA of Character

In our communications coaching sessions we examine and reveal the essential communication and motivation profiles of the workplace. Additionally, you will receive a free analysis of your personal profile. Results are developed through practical examples from your work environment (your employees, clients and partners
The DNA of Executive Presence

Together we will develop strategies, phrases and reactions which have an authentic and self-assured effect. We will consider what you do well and why. And we will identify and reframe previously unconscious limiting beliefs, as well as self-sabotaging thinking and behavioral patterns.
Seeing the Forest for the Trees

It is precisely when we are in conflict situations that we lose sight of our options. Typically, we first establish an understanding for the true characters of the various parties concerned, in order to understand where each individual stands and what they REALLY think about you. We then develop alternative solutions, sketch conversations and develop the necessary arguments to solve the conflict effectively and give you peace of mind.

Effective and precise communication is THE core skill in business